Balazs Csekö

Freelance journalist, fixer, blogger and political analyst based in Vienna, Austria. Contributions to international media: Der Standard, Die Presse, BBC World Service, The Telegraph, Telesur and many others. Twitter: @balazscseko
As a political science student, I participated in several study trips to Cuba, the USA (UN Headquarters, Columbia University, IMF, World Bank, U.S. Congress) and to the European Union Institutions.
As an Erasmus Scholarship receiver I studied Political Science at Universidad de Granada, Spain in the academic year 2008/2009.
After having received a KWA Fellowship from the Universität Wien, I did an academic research on my Final Thesis Topic "The Cuban Exile Lobby in the USA and Its Influence on US Foreign Policy" at the University of Miami in 2011.
I earned my Master of Arts degree in Political Science from Universität Wien in 2012.
I am also a co-organizer of a study trip to Cuba, offered on a yearly basis by the Universität Wien. Cooperating partners of the education trip are the Universidad de La Habana, the Austrian Embassy in Havanna and the United Nations Mission in Cuba.
I do speak fluently English, German, Spanish and Hungarian and do have basic language skills in Catalan, French, Italian and Portuguese.
Holder of:
- EuroTours 2016 journalism award granted by Austrian Chancellor's Office (2016)
- United States Department of State Certificate of Appreciation (2013)
- UNDP Academic Internship Programme (2012)
Journalistic contributions to:
- BBC World Service
- Dagens Nyheter
- de Volkskrant
- The Daily Telegraph
- Der Standard
- Die Presse
- FM4
- HírTV
- Irish Independent
- Magyar Nemzet
- Ö1
- Radio Popolare di Milano
- Telesur
- Wiener Zeitung
Since 2014 member of the Austrian Presseclub Concordia.